Websites and other retail outlets should always use feedback.

Genuine feedback.

Whether this is in the form of customer comments and reviews, or even accredited bodies giving honest customer scores or verification of the sites security or customer service record, all are incredibly useful to increase conversion.

After all, consumers need trust. And transparency.

The conversion element here is interesting. I call it the ‘Power Of Three.

Firstly AdWords stars increase the Click Thru Rate by 17%. And that’s a Google statistic.

Secondly, getting the service score and product reviews on the merchant site increase trust that the company are reputable, and that the product is suitable. We have run testing and conversion for products where the product review is shown next to ‘Add to Cart’ and the increase in conversion for that product can increase by up to 6%.

Reviews give websites much more content and interaction with the prospective customer viewing the site. They’ll spend nearly 3 times as long on the page comparing products and feedbacks.

Plus Google love user generated feedback, and by feeding this in to the site via an XML feed the merchant has this keyword rich content on the page.

Finally, Social. Getting reviews in Twitter and Facebook. This is incredibly powerful – with clickable backlinks direct to the product page. Great for SEO. Great for marketing.

Feedback really works. After all, when you buy a product on Amazon what do you always check?